The Primacy Collegiate Academy

Quality. Christian. Education.

Christian American High School Curriculum

U.S. Curriculum

Our American High School Curriculum culminates in an internationally recognized college prep diploma.

Internationally Recognized Diploma

Primacy diplomas are recognized worldwide.

Colleges & Universities

We help students get into colleges and universities, many of whom have been accepted into the top 50 universities worldwide.

Shilin, Taipei

We are located about a three-minute walk from the Shilin MRT Station, Exit 1.

Local Passports

We accept local and foreign passports.

Caring Academic Environment

We provide a caring Christian environment with a focus on rigorous academics.

Our Mission

To empower and motivate students to

Develop Wisdom

Care For Others

Live Healthfully

Know God

Certifications and Memberships


The world's largest education evaluation agency

National Collegiate Athletic Association

Association of Christian Schools International

Global Christian School Organization

The National Honor Society

National High School Honor Society

Primacy graduates consistently attend top 50 ranked universities worldwide.