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Our History

Serving as a learning community since 2002 for students and families that want Quality Christian Education leading to
global university admissions opportunities.

Adventist College Preparatory Center


In 2002, Adventist College Preparatory Center (ACPC) was founded by Robert Christensen to provide part-time English Language tutoring for high school students and college-placement assistance for students interested in attending English-speaking universities. During the first year the school provided tutoring to 30 students and college-placement to six students. 

The student population increased and, in 2005, the English-language training was eventually integrated into  American curriculum high school classes. In 2005, the Academy had its first graduates, a class of three, and assisted six students with university placement. In the fall of 2005, ACPC changed its name to Taipei Adventist Preparatory Academy.


Taipei Adventist Preparatory Academy


Former Chairman, Steven Adams, arrived in the 2007-2008 school year to serve as principal of Taipei Adventist Preparatory Academy. TAPA achieved accreditation in 2009 and continued to grow.  Mr. Adams implemented programs designed to give students an advantage in university placement learned through his work as a university professor in the USA and being a member of three different university admissions committees.

During this time TAPA had many successes. One of the most notable was the transition to becoming a 1:1 iPad school in the fall of 2011- the first in the Seventh-day Adventist school system (of over 7800 schools world-wide) and the first in Taiwan as well as earning numerous community service awards throughout Taiwan. Students became highly recruited by top universities worldwide.

The Primacy Collegiate Academy

Since 2013

In 2013,  Mr. Adams formed The Primacy Education Group with his two Assistant Principals, Ms. Lisa Sannes and Mr. Dick Yuan. Together they worked with leading education space architects to renovate their current location into a 21st Century learning community. Every aspect of the space was considered for how it would enhance learning. Using natural light, large visual fields, color psychology, green space, flexible seating and collaborative space, students learn in an environment that supports growth in problem solving and the development of skills and knowledge. There is space to be calm and quiet and space to be creative.

Primacy limits enrollment to 150 students. The sense of community and individualized support by peers and employees in a Christian environment is most effective within this limit. 

Universities continue to actively recruit Primacy students as they trust that a Primacy student will succeed in university having developed mentally, physically, spiritually, socially and emotionally while at Primacy. “Good grades” are no longer enough. Universities are seeking well rounded students that can manage the demands of university life. A student that earns a College Preparatory diploma from Primacy is trusted by universities to be a quality student.