SAT Testing Center


The Primacy Collegiate Academy is an approved alternative testing site for SAT Testing in Taiwan. We provide all testing on Sundays. This alternative testing day falls on the same weekend of College Board / ETS normal SAT Testing schedule. Students who would like to participate in SAT Testing through Primacy need to follow the paper registration process the first time testing with us (complete with submission of payment). All following testing may use online registration.

Use Primacy’s Registration Code and Attending Institution information listed below. You must obtain a “Religious Affiliation Letter” from our Registrar to submit with the application.

  1. Look up the International SAT Test Dates
  2. Registration Code:  01000
  3. Attending Institution:  694321 (this number is for Primacy students only)
  4. Test Center: 70154
  5. Email Registrar to obtain Religious Affiliation Letter.