Campus Ministries

The primary goal of Primacy Campus Ministries is to encourage students to know, follow and ultimately accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior.   Primacy encourages and mentors students on how to follow Jesus through prayer, Bible study, community service, Christian fellowship and even stewardship.  

Within this atmosphere of Christian fellowship each student is recognized and respected as unique, yet important.  Primacy believes strongly in meeting the needs of our diverse learning community. Our spiritual programming is non-invasive and continues to allow students to exercise their God-given right to freedom of choice.

Numerous opportunities are available for our students to make the choice to know God.  Primacy’s Campus Ministries programs, as well as Care Group are just two examples of opportunities where students can develop a closer relationship with God.  These groups are also great places to develop leadership skills as both organizations are student led, yet faculty sponsored. With God’s leading Primacy strives to create students that are ready and willing to lead out in various activities on campus, in local churches, the surrounding community and through-out the world.