English Classes

Grades 7-9

After School Evening Courses

Starts February 19th, 2024

6pm-8pm, 2 hours, once a week


Schedule Monday Tuesday Thursday
6pm - 8pm
Comprehensive English
Grammar and Writing

Foreign teachers for all courses

1st to 3rd year junior high students

Up to four types of specialized courses to choose from

Comprehensive English

Improve your English reading comprehension through focused practice with a foreign teacher.

Grammar & Writing

Instruction on grammatical rules, sentence structure, and effective writing techniques to enhance your language proficiency and communication skills.


Listening & Speaking class will help you practice your speaking and pronunciation, improve your confidence, and boost test scores.

Math & English SAT Prep

High School Grades 11-12 Our SAT prep course offers comprehensive preparation with a focus on enhancing both English language skills and mathematical proficiency to help students excel in the exam.

About Us (關於我們)

The Primacy Collegiate Academy

A quality Christian high school program with US accreditation and international recognition.

Location 地點

5 minute walk from Shilin MRT

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